Hosein Ahmadikia

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering

Tel: +98 (31) 3793 4001


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Research Interest
   Energy Conversion
   Heat Transfer
   Fluid Mechanics
   Internal Combustion Engine
   Computaional Fluid Dynamics

Academic Resume
   Bachelor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Ferdosi,, Iran, Graduation Date: 1989

International Journal
1. H. Askarizadeh, H. Ahmadikia, Analytical study on the transient heating of a two-dimensional skin tissue using parabolic and hyperbolic bioheat transfer equations , Applied Mathematical Modelling 39 (13) (2014) 3704-3720.
2. H. Askarizadeh, H. Ahmadikia,, Nonequilibrium Dual-Phase-Lag Heat Transport Through Biological Tissues , Journal of Porous Media 18(1) (2015), 57-69.
3. H. Askarizadeh, H. Ahmadikia, Analytical analysis of the dual-phase-lag model of bioheat transfer equation during transient heating of skin tissue , Heat and Mass Transfer 50(12) (2014) 1673-1684
4. H. Askarizadeh, H. Ahmadikia, Analytical Solution of the Classical and Generalized Dual Phase Lag Heat Transfer Equations in Skin Tissue under Transient Heating , Modarres Mechanical Engineering 13 (13), 14-25, 2015.
5. P. Forghani, H. Ahmadikia and A. Karimipour, Non-Fourier Boundary Conditions Effects on the Skin Tissue Temperature Response , Heat Transfer-Asian Research (2015), DOI: 10.1002/htj.21196
6. H. Askarizadeh, H. Ahmadikia, Periodic Heat Transfer in Convective Fins Based on Dual-Phase-Lag Theory , Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer, 1-10, 2015
International Conference
7. Goorakifard, M. and Ahmadikia, H., Path control of rotational and 3-D projectile by fluid injection, , 18th Conference of Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineering (ISME2010), Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 2010.
8. Ahmadikia, H. and Jalilzadeh, M.H., Numerical and analytical investigation of air condser cooling tower with water spraying , 3th Conference of Powerplant Industrial, Amir Kabir University, Tehran, Iran, 2011.
9. Ahmadikia, H. and Jalilzadeh, M.H., The effects of ambinent condition on the forced cooling tower with water spraying , 1st Conference of energy saving, Niroo research center, Tehran, Iran, 2011.
National Conference
١٠. محسن موحدنیا، حسین احمدی کیا, حل تحلیلی معادله انتقال حرارت بیولوژیک هذلولوی به کمک تابع گرین , دومین همایش ملی انتقال حرارت و جرم ایران، دانشگاه سمنان، 1393
١١. فرزانه شمسی پور، حسین احمدی کیا, اثر غلظت نانوسیال بر افزایش انتقال حرارت در کانال موج دار , بیست و دومین کنفرانس سالانه مهندسی مکانیک، اهواز، دانشگاه شهید چمران اهواز، 1393

1. Ahmadikia, H. and Fadaei, Modification an Automation of Burner of Ceramic Furnaces, Iranian Fuel Conservation Organization, 2005
2. Ahmadikia, H., Study of high Speed and Heat Transfer Through a Michrochannel, Nano Development Committee, 2007
3. Ahmadikia, H., and Moradi, M.H., Construction Materials and Equipments Technopark of Hamadan Province, Hamadan Industrial Estate Company, 2010

1. H. Ahmadikia, H. Karimi Design and construction of steam power plant Ljungstrum Iran, No. 76360, Iran, 2011.

Research Centers

University of Isfahan, Hezar Jerib Street, Isfahan, Iran
Zip Code: 36699529